December 2, Russian Art Festival in Italy was opened by performance of Galina Vishnevskaya Opera Centre soloists on the villa Abamelek in Rome. This great event, one of the organizers of which is The Opera Centre, will last till December 12 in Rome and present the most brilliant names and projects of national culture. “Italy was the first capitalistic country where the Soviet Authority let me out on a tour in the late fifties” – said G. Vishnevskaya in the interview before the concert of her apprentices.

“It is impossible to describe the delight and numbness at the sight of beauty and grandeur of Italy – the country of arts, with its innumerable geniuses in every genres and at all times”.

Villa Abamelik is the official residence of Russian Ambassador in Italy and bears the name of its owner – Russian prince S.S. Abamelik – Lazarev. Exactly here this patron of art collected the fine collection of gobelins, paintings, items of the ancient world.

Performance of the Opera Centre soloists was held under arch of famous Palace “Belvedere” with its fine acoustic and unique atmosphere. The leading soloists of Opera Centre participated in the concert – Oxana Kornievskaya, Oxana Lesnichaya, Uriy Baranov, Samir Dgafarov, Pavel Paremuzov. They performed arias and scenes from operas by Mozart, Verdi, Puccini, Glinka, Borodin, and Tchaikovsky.

According to commentator of “Independent newspaper” G. Zaslavsky. “Voices and style of singing of the soloists are dramatic rich, theatrical, approach to characters in nuances whether it is Countess from “The Queen of Spades” or Rigoletto or Antonida from “Susanin”.