Testimonials of our favourite guests

I wish the Galina Vishnevskaya Centre every success forever!
Yuri Luzhkov
Let the Centre always be a Centre!
Boris Pokrovsky
With great admiration we heard the beautiful voices of your so very talented singers. Congratulations to all who work in this wonderful Centre created by the world famous Galina Vishnevskaya!
Sofia Greek, Queen of Spain
Today, October 27, is the first time I ever entered the Galina Vishnevskaya Centre’s wonderful auditorium. I guess Dmitry Khvorostovsky was absolutely rave about its very excellent acoustics. I, personally, just can’t be happy enough about it!
Giya Kancheli
All the best to Galina Vishnevskaya’s much-awaited Opera Centre! Long may it live and prosper!
Tamara Sinyavskaya and Muslim Magomayev
My heartfelt wishes to this amazing House! You are a genius, Galina Pavlovna!
Irina Antonova
Dear Galina Pavlovna! Thank you for the hearty reception. My big love and great respect to You. May God give you good health and happiness
Pata Burchuladze
As a long admirer of Galina Pavlovna Vishnevskaya, I am very excited about this important continuation of her creative life. The fascinating and interesting work in the walls of this School is very important for all of us.
Irina Shostakovich
For Love and Fatherland! Vivat! To Galina Pavlovna with honor and love, Live long with eternally young soul!
Svetlana Druginina
What a great pleasure to witness the birth of future singers of the high art. Bravo Galina!
Zubin Mehta
I wish you every success in your work!
Dmitry Khvorostovsky
Listening to music in this exquisite hall is sheer pleasure. I am sure that everything they are going to have here will be inimitably beautiful too
Ilze Lijepa
My congratulations for such a wonderful Centre. Wish you creative victories and remarkable performances. Vivat Galina Vishnevskaya!
Irina Bogacheva
You are all very lucky young singers working in this magnificent Opera Centre with all the facilities giving you all the tools for a wonderful career under the tutelage of the great artist, singer and friend Galina!
Placido Domingo
I am very greatful to Prima Dona Galina and her Opera Centre for their warm welcome. Best wishes and success!
Riccardo Muti
To the Galina Vishnevskaya Opera Centre – you have my eternal admiration and my deep and constant love! I’m profound happy to be here with you. You inspire and encourage so many musicians! Along with my admiration and best wishes!
Van Cliburn
To the «Great» Galina and Opera Centre with great regards!
Cecilia Bartoli
I’m incredibly glad to visit this magnificent Center where there are such unique and wonderful people. I hope to come back here again!
Mirella Freni